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We are a company that likes service. Not only do we like to sell online, but we want to be there for those of you who want that little extra. So do not hesitate to contact you we want to help you!

Our business concept is to be able to offer all our customers high quality, modern and fine carpets in a transparent and customer-friendly E-store through high service, security and extensive knowledge in the carpet industry. Since we are a small company, you will be in contact with all of us as we help with customer service and all deliveries. If you work at a company within Stockholm, we are happy to come out to you as Pernilla with her knowledge in textiles free of charge will help you with the choice of qualities and suitable carpets for your company.

Mattconcept started in 2006. Our ambition is to offer our customers all carpets and other textile furnishings at Mattconcept.se. If you have a company or work with interior design projects, please contact us and we can also help you with larger projects.

Some of our customers

Göran Holmberg, Gothenburg
We are so himla satisfied with the carpet we bought and put in the stairs to the upper floor. I find it interesting that I have gained a new dimension in my 76-year life when it comes to carpets. Now I "see" what degree of freedom you get if you experiment with "bespoke carpets".

Lotta Simmons, Gothenburg
We got our rug today. Just wanted to say that it turned out great and is really happy! Thank you for good service and nice reception.

Filippa Johansson, Stockholm
Hi, we are very pleased with our carpet from you. Once again thank you for good and fast service.


We provide you with the best possible service. Contact us for personal assistance.


Today, shipping costs SEK 79 regardless of how much carpet you buy.


We'll pay for the shipping when you return a rug within 90 days.


Free test pieces on all carpets that you order in your own sizes.